Thank you to all who toured the village with me over the last four days & those who sat in on the Cotswold talk on Tuesday.

Over the years we have spotted a wide range of wild life in the village.

All manor of birds including owls & geese, also toads, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, bats are seen quite often.

But also other things are not so often, once we have seen a water vole & also once a small newty lizard thing.

On Friday was something unusual!

After the tour ended I was taking to two people who had been on the tour at the War Memorial in the village centre.

Its was about 9:15 & still a few people around the village.

I felt something brush past my leg, & looking down I saw an otter, it was moving very fast!

I turned to the couple I was talking too & said” did you see that?” the gentleman replied ” yes it was a beaver!”

I explained that it was a otter, & rare to see one in the village, I have seen them over near the lakes, but never in the village.

So over the next four nights I have been on the look out, but not seen it again.

You never know what your going to see walking round the village in the evening!




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