The Cotswolds is the area in & surrounding the Cotswolds hills.

You could say its in the south-west of the midlands or the north of the west country, (you still hear The Wurzel’s blasting out of cars as they amble past).

The area of outstanding natural beauty (A.O.N.B.), designates the Cotswolds as the whole of Gloucestershire, part of Somerset, part of Wiltshire, part of Oxfordshire, part of Warwickshire & part of Worcestershire.

Cotswolds comes from the word Cott meaning a small shelter (as found in the word Cottage), & wold meaning a area of high land.

Today tourists flock to the Cotswolds for the outstanding countryside & to visit the charming towns & villages.

The old Cotswolds buildings are built from locally quarried stone, Oolitic limestone, but more often known as Cotswold stone.

The stone here in the north Cotswold has a warm “honey colour”, farther south it is much lighter.

Many of the quarries have long since closed down, making the stone nowadays very expensive.

As well as buildings the stone is used in the many miles of dry stone walls that criss-cross the countryside.

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