Early this week I had an e mail from someone doing some research on a property in Bourton on the Water, asking me if I had any info on it.

The property is holiday let, so I am not going to reveal the name or location.

I told him some information on when the property dates back to & some other stuff that I cant say here as it would give the location away.

I also told him about what I have been told by people who have been on the Bloody Bourton Tour & were staying there;

About 2011/12 I had someone ask me if it was haunted, I told him I had not heard of anything.

He told me he was staying there a week & woke up & heard a little girls voice singing “Greensleeves”.

The next morning he told his wife, who told him he was dreaming, as no children in the house or next door.

Early hours the next morning he woke & heard it again, this time he woke his wife up, & she also heard it.

2016, Again someone staying there on the Bloody Bourton tour asked about the ghost.

I asked if he had seen anything.

His reply was not seen, but had woke up in the night & heard a young female child singing.

I asked was she singing “Greensleeves”, he looked shocked & said yes, how did I know.

I told him about the other couple.

He thanked me & said he thought he was going mad!

Back to this week;

The man doing the research forwarded my e mail to the owners.

They e mailed back saying, that they had a professor  staying there who told them he woke in the night & next to the bed was a young girl in a white nightdress, Singing “Greensleeves”!

They wondered how I knew about it, as they told no one, its not in any books & not on the internet, its not even written in the guestbook!

I am now in touch with the owners, they have been invited on the tour & have said we will have to arrange a time when no guests are there, they will show me round.

Will keep you all posted!

what do you think?,  comments on this most welcome.


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