Edward Charnel was born, but nobody remembers when.

Edward smiles thinking about the gruesome secrets the stones hold

He has lived most of his life in various Cotswold towns & villages,  eventually chased out by locals with pitchforks & flaming torches.

From the time he could crawl he has had a fascination with the extraordinary, history, folklore, traditions, as well as ghosts, vampires, werewolves & many other horrible things.

As a child (if you could call him that), he was kept in the attic & fed on fish heads, he would sit in silence among the cobwebs watching The Addams Family, The Munsters, Scooby Doo & Hammer horror films on an old flickering black & white TV set.

On early family days out, while the rest of the family were on the battlements enjoying the view, Edward would be found in a dark corner of the dungeon, usually poking something dead with a stick.

At school he was hopeless at everything, even failing the history exam, his favourite subject, leaving with only an underarchievement  award.

On the day he left school the teachers had a six week holiday to celebrate.

One day he nearly grew up, but didn’t like it so went back to his childish ways.

He has worked in various jobs, building, shop work & even at Birdland but left after he was savagely attacked by a budgie.

After working a season for the National Trust at Snowshill Manor, he fell in love with the place & stayed on another five years as a volunteer guide, well it does have a witches garret in the attic, he felt at home there.

Edward hides behind a tree.

He started the Bloody Bourton Walking Tour in May 2010.

In May 2011 he started writing & performing  “Edward Charnel’s Nocturnal Journal” on internet radio show “Classic Cuts”, although this show is no longer on air Edward still reads his Journal on “Richies Jukebox”, this can still be heard on internet radio station N.C.C.R, (North Cotswold Community Radio) every Tuesday, then it goes onto “listen again”, where you can listen for the next week! (every day over n over again if you want).


As well as most local newspapers & magazines Edward has also been interviewed on BBC TV,  BBC radio Gloucestershire, (interview on the tour was broadcast in three parts & has been repeated many times & was also interviewed on a separate occasion about his mate Brum!), & also Interviewed on radio Caroline.

He is currently employed at The Cotswold Motoring Museum, but its only a matter of time before they get fed up with him.

Edward can also be hired as a guide to the North Cotswolds.

When most people meet Edward, what they like about him is………..nothing, nothing at all.