Of Course your Queen…

Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen at Gloucester.

Jane’s father was Henry Grey, who later became the Duke of Suffolk.

Her Mother was Lady Francis Brandon, daughter of Henry VIII’s sister Mary, & great granddaughter of Henry VII.

Jane became the ward of Baron Seymour of Sudeley & became good friends with Catherine Parr.

Seymour  was executed for treason in 1549.

After the death of Seymour, Jane became under the influence of King Edward VI’s chief adviser, John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland.

Jane married Dudley’s son Lord Guilford Dudley in 1553.

Dudley advised the king to change the order of succession, citing that Jane was Church of England, Mary was Catholic, a change in religion would be disastrous for England.

Edward died on July 6th, 1553, Jane became Queen, aged just 15.


Queen  Jane Grey was crowned on 9th July at the New Inn, Northgate Street Gloucester.

I’m sure the only monarch to be crowned in a pub.

The people of England rallied for Mary Tudor.

Mary became Queen & had Jane & her husband Guilford sent to the Tower of London for treason.

On the 12th February  both were beheaded, Guilford was the first, Jane watched, then before she put her head on the block, she said that she never wanted the throne & would die a true Christian women.

Queen Jane reigned for only nine days & died just 16 years old.



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