Thomas Paine died.

Paine was a man who lived up to his name!

He started as an excise officer & wrote a pamphlet calling for better salaries.

He was fired.

He went to America & supported the revolution, he campaigned for complete American independence from Britain.

He coined the phrase “The United States of America” & was given a farm near New York by George Washington.

Then he returned to England & wrote “The Rights of Man”, among other things advocated the abolition of the monarchy.

He was accused of sedition & exiled.

He went to France & drafted a new constitution for the revolution but then didn’t agree that Louis XVI should go to the guillotine.

For this he was jailed then deported.

He went back to America, died & was buried on his farm.

His bones were dug up & brought back to England, but as soon as they reached our shores they were lost.


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