The 1st “Edward Charnel’s Nocturnal Journal” was broadcast on  “classic Cuts” show on internet radio station N.C.C.R.

Local DJ Graham Clayton had asked if I would do a regular feature on his “Classic Cuts” show, between us we came up with the idea of nasty stories from that week in history.

My original title was to be “Dark Diary”, but a after more thought “Edward Charnel’s Nocturnal Journal” was born.

The 1st few were e-mailed to Graham who read them out on air, but he wanted the impossible, for me to read them out myself on his show, the show was broadcast live on Friday evenings, a night when im touring the village, 10 miles away.

When he explained to me that the show goes out 8pm until 10pm & the tour finished at 9pm & I could do it over the phone I ran out of excuses.

The journal has been read out from the village green, pub car parks & many other locations including the back of a van on the M25 & also next to the river at Burford, where it ended abruptly when I was attacked by geese.

Much to every ones surprise the ” Edward Charnel’s Nocturnal Journal” is still on air, although “Classic Cuts” is no longer it has found a new home on “Richies Jukebox”.


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