The battle of Sedgemoor took place at Westonzoyland near Bridgewater, Somerset.

Although it is known as the last battle to take place on British soil, there were others later on English & Scottish soil.

Other later contenders are; the battle of Preston, Lancashire, 1715,  the battle of Culloden, Inverness, 1746.

The last contender is only just being recognised, the Battle of Graveny Marsh, Kent, 1940.

The Duke of Monmouth wanted to take the throne from King James II.

The Dukes rag tag army was destroyed by the Kings forces.

Some of the prisoners were executed at the Somerset assizes by Judge Jefferies (the hanging Judge) by drawing & quartering, the rest were deported.

The Duke himself escaped, but was captured 3 days later, taken to the tower of London & beheaded.

Even today on the battle field site strange balls of light have been seen & ghosts of horsemen & troopers.


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