The city of Gloucester was under siege by the royalists.

Things were not looking good for the inhabitants of the city, only 9 cannon balls were left & 3 barrels of gun powder, food was very low!

The royalists sent a spy to the city walls to find out how things were going.

The only remaining pig was marched around the city, making it squeal as if it was being slaughtered.

A Gloucester pig, yesterday.

From north to south, from east to west,

We marched the pig about,

With a pair of pincers pressed,

Poor piggy in the snout.

The spy returned & reported.

They are prepared for instant fight,

& famine no one fears,

For they have killed enough pigs tonight,

To last them twenty years.

When the news of the killing of many pigs reached the king he withdrew his army the next day, ending the siege of Gloucester.

The royalist failing to take Gloucester was said to be the turning point in the civil war.

The 5th of September was made a public holiday in Gloucester until the Restoration put a stop to it.

So one pig saved the city of Gloucester & shortened the war!


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