An act of parliament ended the use of the pillory as a method of punishment.

The Pillory was a device that had you standing with head & hands held fast, not to be confused with the stocks, that held your feet.

The pillory came to Britain with the Norman Conquest, their device was called “the stretchneck” & just held the head, the hand holes were added later.

For popular villains it was a time of discomfort but unpopular ones it could be fatal.

Crowds were known to throw things from rotting fruit & veg to large stones & it was not unusual to be punched & kicked while locked in the pillory.

At first it was used for petty thieves & cheats but from the 17th century onwards it was also used for political offenders & pamphleteers.

the pillory can be seen in many movies, but if you want to see or even be photographed in one look by the model village in Bourton-on-the-Water.


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