It  was the 2nd day of the 3rd & 4th British division of the expeditionary force’s retreat from Mons in France.

The British were under heavy gun fire from German forces & it seemed impossible for any of them to survive.

But, St George & a host of angels appeared clad in white with flaming swords & held back the German army giving the British chance to escape!

So one of the greatest legends of the 1st world war & the most well known account of angels was born.

This account appeared in the British papers & was written in Fleet street by reporter Arthur Machen.

So graphic was the report that readers took it literally, but its was only intended as metaphorical imagery.

Even in those days it showed the power of the press & even today if its in the papers, then it must be true.

Arthur Machen was a Welsh author & mystic & is known as one of Britain’s leading writers of supernatural, fantasy & horror fiction



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