When the Cathedral at Gloucester was being built a legend says that a 14 year old apprentice fell from the scaffolding & died.

His ghost was said to haunt the Cathedral site.

On the 24th May 1735 an exorcism was conducted.

The priest was said to have trapped the spirit in a leather bottle, this was then sealed inside one of the pillars that line nave.



  • Mark Prettyman

    When you knock old buildings about, it’s surprising what you find. Shoes, money and bottles. Found a 15c hand blown bottle still with a horsehair gum stopper, in the middle of a wall in Great Tew. The contents had long since dried out.

    • Yes Mark that is so true.
      When I was working in building I would often throw a coin into any stonework going on.
      A few years ago I was talking to a thatcher, who told me he would ask the lady of the house for an old shoe to place in the thatch.
      Apparently a shoe (has to have belonged to a female) would bring luck to the house.
      Skeletons of small animals, some as big as cats & dogs have been found in foundations of very old buildings.
      As you know on the tour I talk of a spirit being trapped in a bottle & placed in a vanished room.
      Thank you for comment.


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