Actor Lon Chaney Jr Died.

Crieghton Tull Chaney, was stillborn premature, his father plunged him into a icy lake to shock him into life.

His Father was Lon Chaney Sr, who was a top horror actor in silent pictures, but never made the cross-over into talkies.

Chaney Sr applied his own make up & was known as “the man with a 1’000 faces”.

Chaney Jr first performed as a stunt man & bit part player until 1935, it was only under pressure from the film studio that he took on his fathers name.

He really made his name after a long term contract with Universal Studios, & made his horror debut in 1941 movie “Man Made Monster”, later the same year came his most well known role as Laurence Tolbot, The Wolf Man.

As well as the Wolf man he also played the parts of The Mummy & Frankenstein many times, including along side Abbot & Costello, & to complete the big four monsters in 1943 he played Dracula in “Son of Dracula”.

After leaving Universal he battled alcoholism & throat cancer & played smaller roles, including “High Noon”, 1952.

He died of liver cancer in San Clemente, California.


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